Japanese Drugstore 2000JPY & Below: BB Cream

How was your weekend, my loves? I just had the most amazing time in Miyagi and will write up on that in a separate post. I’m hubbing through Singapore for 1.5 days before heading off to Frankfurt and Cologne in Germany. I’m back on the yellow brick road, guys…

So today I’m rounding up my Japanese Drugstore Hunt 2000JPY & Below series with BB cream. I thought it would be easy to do this post but there are so many on offer at the drugstore, and very cheaply too, that I struggled to come up with a cohesive theme.

I realized that Japanese BB creams are in a class of their own and different from other ones in the market. For one, they are always almost more yellow based (yay for peeps like me but not so for more pink-toned folks) and there are always at least two or three shades, if you are lucky four, in any range. This makes them clearly different from Korean BB creams, with a few exceptions of course. And the consistency of Japanese BB creams is thinner and you won’t find that scary grey tinge either. Coverage ranges from non-existent (primers) to light to medium. The Japanese drugstore is a veritable smorgasbord of BB creams for yellow-toned women.


From left to right:
Hada Labo Whitening BB Cream Natural Ochre, Maybelline BB Base, Ettusias BB Mineral Cream in 30Nanoce BB Sorbet in Healthy Ochre, Maybelline BB UV.

I picked out the ones in my collection that are below 2000JPY and I actually prefer them to my more expensive ones like the Evangelist BB Cream and Coffret D’Or’s Fast Beauty Foundation UV BB.

I like all of them for different reasons. My #1 BB cream from the Japanese drugstore is by far Hada Labo Whitening BB Cream. My skin just looks its best with the very natural finish and I cannot wait to fade so I can use this again. Unfortunately, they do not have darker shades…boo…

I use the Maybelline BB Base in Light for mixing with foundations that are too dark or yellow for me and this BB cream has a slight pink tint to it. Believe me when I say that it is difficult to find very fair shades of BB cream at the drugstore. So for ladies who are at the extreme ends of the spectrum, you won’t be able to find a suitable BB cream.

Ettusais BB Mineral Cream has the best oil control, while Nanoce BB Sorbetis just a treat in hot weather. I usually spray some on my fingers or a brush and then work it into my skin. It has light coverage but can be quite buildable.

I love using the Maybelline BB UV in winter because it is quite emollient and the opposite of the Ettusias one. I like to slap this one on and then swish some setting powder for a quick everyday look.


Now my current go-to BB Cream is the Kate BB Gel Cream in OC-D . It has a dark shade which suits me but I also think it is an excellent BB cream that is oil-free and natural looking.