How to get the most out of your toners


To get the most of your toners I added 2 to my skincare routine. The point is ONE TONER is used for exfoliating dead skin cells (used with cotton pad to fasten cell renew process & also allow the rest of your skincare absorb better) and ANOTHER TONER is used for intensive treatment (it is also used with a cotton pad as a mask to lock in moisture & nourish skin so that it’s in the best possible status). The key is to do it as an addition on top of your normal routine & also to do it as regular as possible.

Naris Up Cosmetics – Nature Conc Medicated Clear Lotion 200ml

This is a watery toner that is great for cleansing & exfoliating your skin,  the toner does not smell alcohol at all, it’s got this really refreshing floral scent, so it is fantastically gentle even on sensitive skin.  Toner is a reinforcing step to cleanse the residue left on face after makeup removal and face wash.

How I use this toner is soak cotton pad with generous amount, don’t need to overly drench it.  Gently wipe your whole face after cleansing,  then use the back side of the same piece of cotton pad, using circular motion slowly and gently work through the whole face again, from inner to outer.  Concentrate on T-zone area, especially around the nose area.

I was very surprised to see how much extra DIRT I have, can’t believe I used to sleep with those…


HADA LABO – Goku-jyun Hyaluronic Clear Lotion 170ml

This is the toner I use to treatment and nourish my skin, the texture is liquid gel like.

I soak a cotton pad with water, then squeeze it as dry as I could then pour very generous amount of toner on cotton pad,  you’ll need to drench your cotton pad, make sure there’s enough toner to reach every corner. Once done peel your wet cotton pad into layers you can place them over the 5 most important parts of your face, forehead, nose, chin, two cheeks.  Leave them on for 3-5 minutes, you’ll be surprised how much difference this step make.

Not only the rest of your skincare gets absorbed better/deeper into your skin, the moisture level in your skin makes make up set extremely well.

This is a very in-expensive way to pamper your skin, you could do this every day or for special occasions.  I have used two types of toner here but it is perfectly fine to use just one.  I also find this step extremely convenient for traveling, as bringing extra masks might be heavy and troublesome, by using this toner treatment step not only I could save my luggage space, my toner became multi purpose, because it’s a toner and also a mask. I ordered these toners from.

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