Clarisonic MIA 101 – Use With Moderation

I have recently posted on my Facebook page that I got a Clarisonic Mia from, just like everyone else I am extremely excited about it and tried it out straight away.

After this whole week of usage both day and night, I want to give it my honest review. I know there’re tones of Clarisonic reviews online but there isn’t much about how this machine should be used, especially on sensitive or acne pron skin.


The instruction said I could use this twice a day, it came with a Clarisonic gentle cleanser, also a sensitve brush head.  It is very easy to use, just one speed, one button to turn on and off.  The machine is perfectly safe to use in shower,  it is also very light weight and compact so you could bring it to traveling.

There’s also an instruction telling you how long to spend at each area of your face, 20s on forehead, 10s on nose, 10s on chin, 10 on 1 cheek and 10 on the other cheek. The machine turns itself off after 60 seconds.

I also bought the delicate cleansing brush just to try it out.

I’m going to start with the bad stuff first

When I first posted about wanting to buy a Clarisonic on my facebook page a Facebook fan said she would recommend me not to get the deep pore cleansing brush, she likes the sensitive brush as it’s much gentel on skin.  And I am so so so glad that I have listened to her!!.

I have tried out the Clarisonic machine by using it day and night for a week now, it does a fantastic job with cleaning/exfoliating but I find even with the sensitive brush it is still too strong for my skin.

I have combination skin, the skin on my cheek area is thiner and more sensitive comparing to my T-zone, I find it goes really red and you can see tinny little blood vessels (capillaries) after cleansing, so I’ve been avoiding that area now.

I also love this machine to bits but you really need to study your own skin and adjust and build Clarisonic into your own routines.

I think this machine is great for all skin types, especially Oily and Dry as it really does scrubb off all dry dead skin, oil, impurities and makeup residues, so it’s a really strong cleanser.

I also think it would also be great for people who has old acne scar, as the brush’s scrubbing motion will stimulate your scared skin make it ‘alive’ again, then when this happens you can start concerntrating on applying acne fading skincare products.

It also helps with product assorbtion after as the brush shredds all your dead skin cell, leaves your new skin layer exposed so if you do the right thing by applying good daily skincare routines I think it’ll eventurally improve your skin textures.

My Recommendations:

I have now figured out how to use this machine my way to get the most benefit out of it at the same time not harming my skin.

1) I would only use it 3-4 times a week or once at night only (on the days of wearing make up)

2) I would also reduce the cleansing time spent at each area, maybe 10s for the forehead, 10 for nose, 10 for chin but 2s for each of the cheeks and maybe spend the rest of the time on my neck.

3) I would concerntrate a little bit on my old acne scars and pigmentations, as I belive over time it’ll improve it’s texture and colour, so this is when people say your skin will get worst first then get better late.

4) As I still find the sensitive brush too strong for me, I’m going to switch to the delicate brush in the future.

5) I would also only use the Clarisonic only with a gentle/sensitive skin cleanser, as the action of this machine is already very strong, I think by using it in conjuction with products with Salicylic acid, which a lot of those acne cleansers does, it might aggrevate your skin and make it worse, in other words “OVER CLEANED”

Clarisonic and Acne

I know a lot of people got this machine to try to improve their acne condition or old acne scars, I personally think this machine would really help but there’re few warning signs so I’ll just list them below:

1) DO NOT OVER CLEAN – If you still currently have acne don’t over cleanse your skin, as the more you scrubb the more it’s going to aggrevate your skin, all those cleaning might trick your skin into thinking it needs extra protection and start to produce more oil to protect it. Or because there’re broken areas and makes your skin more inflamed.

2) HYDRATION – This is really really important for those who have acne skin, as the Clarisonic gets rid of your dead skin really well and cleanses into your pores, leaving your skin especially your pores expose to air.  Straight after cleaning you’ll need to restore water back in, if you’re using a toner don’t use those with Alcohol or with Salicylic Acid, as you don’t need to strip anymore natural oil or dead skin cells off, try to use a gentle hydrating toner then apply moisturiser.

3) SUN PROTECTION – This is also very important as when our new skin layer is exposed it’s extremely easy to get new pigmentations and sun damage.

Hope this has helped you making a decision with buying the Clarisonic, I think it is a fantastic tool but seriously don’t over clean your skin & use it wisely!

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